PLEASE READ BEFORE WRITING: is not a school or government agency.
This forum is to post information about school issues. I do not know anything about employment, schedules, school closings or events. You would need to contact the school system directly. That is why the phone numbers are on the school listings. I will post more data as it becomes available.
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Nothing is more important than the children we bring into this world.
After hearing about the problems in the small school system where my wife worked, I made the decision to create a web site dedicated to making America's schools more accountable. This is it!

MISSION: ( Come back and watch it grow )

  1. Provide mailing and physical addresses to every school system in the USA. Done
  2. Break it down to every public, charter, vocational and private school. Done - except private and religous (need data)
  3. Provide a forum to publicly announce abuses and issues within these institutions.
  4. Eventually provide detailed performance information on each school per grade level.

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